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Afternoon Drive Video

An Afternoon Drive.

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Digital Surgery: Another Example of Why You’ll Never Be This Beautiful

There are those of us who are born with average looks, and there are those who are genetically gifted. Folks with great bone structure, greater than average height and fast metabolisms have always had it a little easier in life. But even those people are trolls compared to the soulless aliens that grace our magazine covers and billboards. Here’s an in-depth look at the birth of a mutant. Continue reading »

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9/11 10th Anniversary Memorial Parade

On Saturday, September 10th New York City held its 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Parade on 5th Avenue, as well as some parts of Broadway. His majesty, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in attendance, as well as some other big-wigs. Check out the gallery of photos below. Continue reading »

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Has Technology Killed Highly Consumed Art? Part 1 of 2: Photography

Technology has brought tremendous advancements in the production of art and media throughout the years, but the most hyperbolic changes have taken place in the last ten. I want to share with you,  my personal views and experiences in the realms of photography, music and motion pictures. In this segment, I’ll discuss picture taking.

There are many photography purists out there that look upon the digital revolution with contempt. They argue that film produced better pictures with more “soul” and other silly metaphors. They are mostly people in their 40s and above who become increasingly resistant to change. They are also angry that the same photographic process that took them a week can now be done in a day. Bah humbug! Photoshop? Lightroom? Aperture? They don’t want to learn all this new software. They just want to sit in the darkroom all day while sipping on grasshoppers and listening to Bing Crosby. While its wrong to simply dismiss digital photography altogether because it’s soul-less or whatever, there is something to be said about the aesthetic and sentimental quality of the photograph from the days of film. Continue reading »

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