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The Tenth Annual No-Pants Subway Ride: 2012 Edition

So you’re done with the excessive holiday eating? What better way to strut your new-found pounds than with the annual No-Pants Subway Ride. What originally began as a 7-person prank has now evolved into an internationally observed day of silliness. More than 4,000 people took their trousers off yesterday in New York City’s subways, and thousands more reportedly joined in around the world. Improv Everywhere organizes the annual event, where the sexy strap-hangers begin their train rides all over the city and then converge onto Union Square Park for an impromptu celebration of sorts. Continue reading »

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Trigger Finger: This Is Why I Don’t Dine-In at Fast Food Joints


Dear [Insert Fast Food Venue Here],

I was considering your $5 foot-long deal today. I planned on grabbing a window seat so that I could people watch as I eat. I like to gaze out of windows in general, and with those gorgeous new 10′ panes, your venue seemed like the perfect lunch.

But you had to go and paste huge posters on your windows at seated eye-level. So that 75% of the window seats essentially become non-window seats. Why go through the trouble of designing such a modern establishment with huge windows if you’re just going to render them useless?

I understand you want to lure hungry people in with your marketing deals. That’s cool. But you can place the posters at 6′ and above, and everyone wins. No?


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9/11 10th Anniversary Memorial Parade

On Saturday, September 10th New York City held its 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Parade on 5th Avenue, as well as some parts of Broadway. His majesty, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in attendance, as well as some other big-wigs. Check out the gallery of photos below. Continue reading »

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Contest: Fashion Week Swag Bag

Hello ladies (and/or Gents)

Up for grabs is a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Goodie-Bag filled to the brim with delightful little items to make you ooh! and ahh! for days on end. Bring a little Fashion Week into your life with the following collectibles, supposedly valued at over $200.00! Continue reading »

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Reflections Of New York

Son of Swedish immigrants, Frank Oscar Larson, was born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1896. After serving in World War I, he began working at a bank in Manhattan and in his spare time, took pictures with his Rolleiflex camera. It wasn’t until the late 40’s and early 50’s that Larson began to shoot more frequently. He developed prints in his own darkroom and occasionally entered photo competitions. In 1964 Larson passed away, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the negatives of his late work was discovered by his son’s widow. Check out Reflections of New York for a look at a simpler time in the Big Apple. For you Astoria locals,  see if you can spot the shots in our neighborhood.

[The Perfect Exposure Gallery]

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Moby’s Destroyed: When Musicians Become Photographers


Part of my ever-evolving mission here on the blog is to explore the many unorthodox paths people take on the road to becoming “photographers”. I’ve just use quotes for photographers, but I don’t necessary mean it in a condescending way just yet. The term Photographer is growing more ambiguous each day, and that is a conversation for another day, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll just accept the definition as “Person who takes pictures”.

People who take pictures come from all vocations, cultures and walks of life. Some had intended to do so very early on, making photography their ultimate goal and life’s work, while others stumbled upon photography later in life as a hobby to supplement their careers as doctors, lawyers, farmers, janitors, police officers, and the hundreds of other positions that are completely unrelated to capturing images. Continue reading »

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100 Strangers: Medet Fidan

As I plug along on my 100 strangers project, I’d like to share with you a chance encounter I had with a very nice guy.

I was in Long Island City. I had just dropped off my car at the mechanic and I was walking towards the bus stop. I had my camera out because I just snapped a few photos of a 1919 Ford Model T outside my mechanic’s shop. A cab driver who was preparing to start his afternoon shift notice me and the chunky dSLR as he was getting in his cab. He shouted over to me with a smile, “Take a picture” and so I did. I asked his name. “Medet Fidan”, he replied, and shook my hand with a welcoming firm grip and a warm smile. When I gave him mine, he wondered what kind of name I had. I told him I was Greek, and so he squeezed my hand a little harder, and said with a sinister smile, “ohhh! I’m Turkish! We’re enemies!” Continue reading »

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