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Inside The Mad Men Exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image [Photos]


One of the most successful television dramas of all time is nearing its completion as the final season will soon draw to a close. Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men has had a great run, captivating audiences all over the world with its mid 20th century charm, excess and rich visuals. And now with a new exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image, we can all step into the intricate world of Donald Draper and his peers. Featuring dozens of props and costumes from the show, as well as two recreated detailed sets, the exhibition opens to the public this Saturday, March 14th and runs through June 14th. Museum Members also get an early first look right now. Photo gallery below.

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Trigger Finger: Rock Climbing for Toddlers


Playgrounds and Jungle gyms have undergone drastic changes since yours truly was able to play in them without suspicious looks from concerned mothers. This particular example in Long Island City made me giggle.

This looks to me like some kind of beginner rock-climbing thing. Did the playground designers imagine kids wearing junior climbing gear, coating their hands with Johnson’s Baby Powder to give them a better grip for the trecherous feat?

Do the parents in this newly gentrified LIC neighborhood encourage their spawn to “rock climb” at the playground? Do they hope their kid will someday grow up and climb the “real” wall at the $100-a-month gym? No. The parents don’t even know about their kid’s extreme sports adventures. Whenever I’ve passed by, its just been bored kids with chatty nannies.

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LIC’s New Z Hotel Threatens To Become New Premier Boutique Hotel In Queens

One of the quickest routes to Brooklyn from Long Island City is the Pulaski bridge that runs from 11th street beginning at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge. I’ve often taken this road in my day-to-day business during the last few years, noticing the construction of a slender building clad in glass and dark colors. I assumed it would be commercial space at first, but as it began to take shape, I realized it would be the second boutique hotel in an otherwise industrial section of Long Island City.

Following in the archetypal footsteps of the smaller and less opulent Ravel Hotel just a couple blocks west, The Z aims to bring high end clientele to Long Island City, with an attractive, modern design, a long list of amenities and everyone’s favorite part, the rooftop bar/lounge and dining area. At the moment, the Z’s location would seem somewhat odd, being surrounded by many older 1 and 2 story structures, but that will all change in the next few years as development and revitalization of Long Island City continues to swell with sophistication. The Z’s developers had the foresight to set the tone early. Continue reading »

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100 Strangers: Medet Fidan

As I plug along on my 100 strangers project, I’d like to share with you a chance encounter I had with a very nice guy.

I was in Long Island City. I had just dropped off my car at the mechanic and I was walking towards the bus stop. I had my camera out because I just snapped a few photos of a 1919 Ford Model T outside my mechanic’s shop. A cab driver who was preparing to start his afternoon shift notice me and the chunky dSLR as he was getting in his cab. He shouted over to me with a smile, “Take a picture” and so I did. I asked his name. “Medet Fidan”, he replied, and shook my hand with a welcoming firm grip and a warm smile. When I gave him mine, he wondered what kind of name I had. I told him I was Greek, and so he squeezed my hand a little harder, and said with a sinister smile, “ohhh! I’m Turkish! We’re enemies!” Continue reading »

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