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Inside The Mad Men Exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image [Photos]


One of the most successful television dramas of all time is nearing its completion as the final season will soon draw to a close. Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men has had a great run, captivating audiences all over the world with its mid 20th century charm, excess and rich visuals. And now with a new exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image, we can all step into the intricate world of Donald Draper and his peers. Featuring dozens of props and costumes from the show, as well as two recreated detailed sets, the exhibition opens to the public this Saturday, March 14th and runs through June 14th. Museum Members also get an early first look right now. Photo gallery below.

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I Bought My First Cell Phone To Impress A Girl, And Then She Made Me Kill It

This story was originally written in the comments section for the mobile phone blog Droid Life. They held a contest for a protective case giveaway and asked readers about their first cell phone. I thought about mine and then the memories started coming back.

It was 1999 and I was a sophomore in college. The majority of the kids my age still had beepers back then, but a select few had taken the plunge into mobile telephony. Some were drug dealers with the original Motorola flip phones. They weren’t quite Zack Morris bulky, but they still had some heft. Storing them in one’s jeans pocket was easy however, as we all wore baggy pants back then. Others had candybar Nokias that were just as large and heavy. A female friend who I had a crush on had just bought a mobile phone. It was also a Nokia, but it was the smallest model to date. (Back then, before even color LCD screens were introduced, chic was having the smallest phone. Think Zoolander) Being an electronics geek, I was instantly curious and jealous at the same time. And then another friend got a cell phone. My buddy Mike had bought the first Motorola StarTAC. It was the slimmest, smallest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. After playing with his phone for five minutes, I was instantly infatuated. Continue reading »

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The Tenth Annual No-Pants Subway Ride: 2012 Edition

So you’re done with the excessive holiday eating? What better way to strut your new-found pounds than with the annual No-Pants Subway Ride. What originally began as a 7-person prank has now evolved into an internationally observed day of silliness. More than 4,000 people took their trousers off yesterday in New York City’s subways, and thousands more reportedly joined in around the world. Improv Everywhere organizes the annual event, where the sexy strap-hangers begin their train rides all over the city and then converge onto Union Square Park for an impromptu celebration of sorts. Continue reading »

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Digital Surgery: Another Example of Why You’ll Never Be This Beautiful

There are those of us who are born with average looks, and there are those who are genetically gifted. Folks with great bone structure, greater than average height and fast metabolisms have always had it a little easier in life. But even those people are trolls compared to the soulless aliens that grace our magazine covers and billboards. Here’s an in-depth look at the birth of a mutant. Continue reading »

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Are You In Pain? Take A Look At Your Boyfriend

We’ve all been there. An agonizing illness, or unfortunate injury. We’re miserable and bed-ridden, groaning with physical discomfort and pain. A loved one brings us a cool glass of orange juice and a warm smile, and suddenly the pain isn’t as bad. They hold our hand and bring us even more relief. A recent study now suggests that merely looking a photo of this same loved one can reduce pain.

Of course, if your boyfriend is the source of your migraine, you may not want to look at him until you’re cured. Just sayin’.

Hit up the link to geek out on the psychology.

[Scientific American]

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Remember When You Got Your First Serious Camera? (Video)

Do you remember how you felt when you opened that box for the first time? Was it as exciting as this? =) Continue reading »

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Book Review: Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod

Yesterday afternoon, I had stumbled upon a young California freelancer’s website. From the website, I was compelled to read the blog.  Michael Kelley is a 23 year-old Real Estate photographer that really has his shit together. His website is clean, attractive and easy to navigate, and his work speaks for itself. He’s successfully transitioned into sustainable full-time photographer with a lot of hard work and determination. A little bit o’ luck and charm never hurt nobody neither. Stories like Michael’s are inspiring to me. As I was scavenging Michael’s blog posts, I found some book recommendations. So off I went to Barnes & Noble to find out why Michael was so excited about these books. Continue reading »

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Flickr Photostream Friday: Mercedes.. Life as I Pictured

Photography isn’t always about how bad-ass your camera is, or how many flashes you can cram into a scene. It’s inherently about seeing something that no one else sees, and then showing the world your vision. Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero, this week’s featured featured Flickr member, displays this practice very clearly. Her work is mainly photo journalistic in style and approach. By looking through her ‘stream, you can tell she carries her dSLR with her everywhere. Some of life’s smallest and significant moments could not have been recorded if she didn’t. Continue reading »

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Flickr Photostream Friday: LUCIMA

Charles Yeh of Lucima Studios is a Los Angeles based Photographer specializing in fashion, editorial and beauty photography. Originally from Taiwan, he works almost exclusively with women, creating high profile images for magazines and various other publications. Flipping through his Photostream is like flipping through Glamour or Vogue. Not that I do that on a regular basis, I’m just sayin’. Sometimes you’re at the Doctor’s office or the car wash, or whatever waiting area and its the only thing available to “read”. All jokes aside, Charles produces some of the most consistently vibrant  pictures I’ve come across on Flickr. The models are all rail-thin and 6′ tall. Basically runway material. Head on over to Flickr to check out Charles’ photostream for your weekly dose of eye candy. Continue reading »

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Analog (2001)

I was cleaning house today and I came across a dusty home made DVD. A quick video conversion and upload to youtube and, ACTION! This was my first short film made way back in 2001. I wanted to illustrate that emotion and tone is always absent when two people communicate via the internet. The Stage: Instant Messaging. The script was a printout of a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend. I thought the juicy dialogue would be a good juxtaposition for the dry. mechanical delivery the actors gave. The sound is crap and so is most of the rest of the production and editing, but this one will always be in my heart as my first stab. To me, its one of those “its so bad its good” feelings. Continue reading »

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