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6 Reasons Why The Knicks Protest Fell Flat

Carmelo Anthony scores a career high, franchise high and MSG high 62 points. New York Knicks vs. Charlotte Bobcats. January 24th, 2014. Madison Square Garden, New York. ©Thanassi Karageorgiou

You may or may not have heard that there was a protest by angry Knicks fans outside of Madison Square Garden the other day. If you heard about it, chances are that you’re a big fan of the Knicks, like myself, and you read about their highs and lows on a fairly consistent basis. If you didn’t hear about it, it’s because it pretty much didn’t happen; sort of like a tree falling in the forest with no one around. Continue reading »

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The Tenth Annual No-Pants Subway Ride: 2012 Edition

So you’re done with the excessive holiday eating? What better way to strut your new-found pounds than with the annual No-Pants Subway Ride. What originally began as a 7-person prank has now evolved into an internationally observed day of silliness. More than 4,000 people took their trousers off yesterday in New York City’s subways, and thousands more reportedly joined in around the world. Improv Everywhere organizes the annual event, where the sexy strap-hangers begin their train rides all over the city and then converge onto Union Square Park for an impromptu celebration of sorts. Continue reading »

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Fashion Week Preview

The past few days have been very busy. There’s Fashion Week, Steampunk and a whole lot more in the works, but I’d like to wet your appetites a bit. Stay tuned for the full writeups later this week! Continue reading »

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Trigger Finger: The Urban Igloo

Trigger Finger is a series of posts dedicated to the impulsive and instinctive cell phone photography that we’ve all developed over the years. For the times when you don’t have your best camera on you, but the moment is still worth capturing.

This piece of modern architecture was spotted on the Corner of Ditmars Boulevard and Crescent Street in Astoria.  The grocery store owner on the same corner built it for his kids, who regularly hang out in and around the store. The individual blocks were crated by packing snow into milk crates lined with cardboard. The unorthodox flat roof is supported by a sheet of plywood, and then covered with more snow for stability and insulation. The small window opening also uses plywood as a lintel. Its no Ice Hotel but this sure looks like it would be fun if I was 10. This igloo has melted since the taking of this picture but I’m sure there will be a new one up soon with the recent snowfall. Continue reading »

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New York Takes Off The Pants

Yesterday was pretty cold in New York City. But that didn’t deter faithful pranksters from stripping their bottoms in the annual No Pants Subway Ride. The tradition started in 2002 as 7 members of the group Improv Everywhere took to the subways without pants. The following has grown over the years, as over 3,500 subway riders now join in the the scantly clad fun. Other cities all over the world have also adopted the tradition. Yours truly was considering the battle against pants this year, but I need a tan.

Groups typically meet up at 6 or so locations throughout the city and are instructed to take specific trains. If asked by someone why they’re not wearing pants, pranksters simply reply, “Oh I didn’t even notice. I must have forgotten them today”. Continue reading »

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Step Into The Light

Happy New Year to us all. Its been a nice holiday season, but I’m sure we’re all itching to get back to work now and make something wonderful happen. Some brief advise for those of you with resolutions, goals and virtues: Continue reading »

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The NYC Blizzard Might Win An Oscar

At least that’s what Robert Ebert thinks. Local photographer/videographer Jamie Stuart shot, edited and submitted this short to Ebert in less than a day using his Canon 7D and some Nikon Lenses. The title, “Idiot With a Tripod” is an homage to Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic “Man With a Movie Camera.” Its nice to see someone from my home town get this kind of recognition. Check out the video and a clip from Vertov’s classic after the break. Continue reading »

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