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Google Cube, Birdly And Other Toys at The Museum of the Moving Image’s New Exhibition: Sensory Stories


Google has always been in the search engine business. That is undoubtedly the bread-and-butter operation at Mountain View, but when Google clocks out of its 9 to 5 it likes to dabble in hobbies and creative experiments. Some of these experiments actually develop into full, robust products (Google Drive, Android), while others fail or get reabsorbed and re-branded much later (Buzz, Wave, etc). One of the company’s latest creative endeavors is Google Cube. Continue reading »

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WARCO The News Game: Get Ready To Figuratively Shoot Bad Guys

Here’s an interesting concept. Currently being crafted by Defiant Development of Australia, WARCO is a first person shooter video game where, instead of toting an M-16 assault rifle, you’re running through heated war zones with your trusty… wait for it… video camera! Think Call Of Duty meets BBC News. Continue reading »

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