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Google Cube, Birdly And Other Toys at The Museum of the Moving Image’s New Exhibition: Sensory Stories


Google has always been in the search engine business. That is undoubtedly the bread-and-butter operation at Mountain View, but when Google clocks out of its 9 to 5 it likes to dabble in hobbies and creative experiments. Some of these experiments actually develop into full, robust products (Google Drive, Android), while others fail or get reabsorbed and re-branded much later (Buzz, Wave, etc). One of the company’s latest creative endeavors is Google Cube. Continue reading »

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I Bought My First Cell Phone To Impress A Girl, And Then She Made Me Kill It

This story was originally written in the comments section for the mobile phone blog Droid Life. They held a contest for a protective case giveaway and asked readers about their first cell phone. I thought about mine and then the memories started coming back.

It was 1999 and I was a sophomore in college. The majority of the kids my age still had beepers back then, but a select few had taken the plunge into mobile telephony. Some were drug dealers with the original Motorola flip phones. They weren’t quite Zack Morris bulky, but they still had some heft. Storing them in one’s jeans pocket was easy however, as we all wore baggy pants back then. Others had candybar Nokias that were just as large and heavy. A female friend who I had a crush on had just bought a mobile phone. It was also a Nokia, but it was the smallest model to date. (Back then, before even color LCD screens were introduced, chic was having the smallest phone. Think Zoolander) Being an electronics geek, I was instantly curious and jealous at the same time. And then another friend got a cell phone. My buddy Mike had bought the first Motorola StarTAC. It was the slimmest, smallest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. After playing with his phone for five minutes, I was instantly infatuated. Continue reading »

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WARCO The News Game: Get Ready To Figuratively Shoot Bad Guys

Here’s an interesting concept. Currently being crafted by Defiant Development of Australia, WARCO is a first person shooter video game where, instead of toting an M-16 assault rifle, you’re running through heated war zones with your trusty… wait for it… video camera! Think Call Of Duty meets BBC News. Continue reading »

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Fashion Week Man-Stuff Preview: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible

Just in case you forget who puts all this Fashion Week hoopla together, Mercedes-Benz kindly reminds you as soon as you enter the lobby with this stunning SLS AMG Convertible. This panty-dropping beast features Mercedes’ 6.3 liter engine which produces a disgusting 518hp and 465ft-lbs of torque. Mercedes claims this is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine to date. But with looks like this, do you really care? Do you really need the 5.5 liter Turbo, or [God forbid] the 6.0 liter V12 bi-turbo? Well, depending on how short/fat/bald/old/Alpha/small-penis you are, you may want to consider the latter, with a tarmac-defacing 604hp/738lb-ft. Continue reading »

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History Of The Nikon F (Video)

Remember Film Cameras? You know, The dSLRs without the “d”, back when they were just SLRs. I just came across a video on the design history of the Nikon F series. Find out what that little red triangle is all about, and why the originals were so edgy and sharp. Just as in automotive practice, the Japanese were influenced by zee Germans when it came to camera design. Continue reading »

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On Sale: Film Roll USB Sticks, For Nostalgic Old Folks, Teens Who Think “That’s Cool”

If you’re the type of person that like to buy novelty USB flash drives, AND you’re a photo buff, look no further than Newfocus’ shop on Etsy. A 2GB drive will set you back just $18.99 and just an extra $5 for the 4GB model. Frankly I think something this clever should be going for a bit more, but hey whatever. Grab one for your trigger happy BF/GF or your uncle who just bought a DSLR.

[Newfocus on Etsy]

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Exposed: Man Takes Photos With 50 Year Old Film

Albany Photographer and blogger Charles Miller recently came across an unused roll of Black & White film that had technically expired in 1959. But that didn’t stop him from using it, and then blogging about the results while refering to himself in the third person. Thanassi finds this very amusing. Continue reading »

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Trigger Finger: The Twilight Zone (Update)


Trigger Finger is a series of posts dedicated to the impulsive and instinctive cell phone photography that we’ve all developed over the years. For the times when you don’t have your best camera on you, but the moment is still worth capturing.

What’s wrong with this picture? At first glance, seemingly nothing. It looks like typical shelves at a convenience store, selling all the typical convenience store stuff. Well almost all. There’s one item that doesn’t fit the picture. Can you spot it? Fist of all, let me assure you there is no photoshopping or shennanegans going on here. This picture was taken today, April 12th, 2011 at Othello Deli on 27th Street and 24th Avenue in Astoria, Queens. Notice I put extra emphasis on the date. That’s your clue. Post your answer in the comments below. The answer will be announced later today.

*UPDATE: Congratulations to all you eagle-eyed scouts. The correct answer is VHS and/or audio tapes. When I asked the store owner about them he said that they keep them in stock because apparently people are buying them. These are the same people who still own beepers and fax machines. Hey, 1995 called. It wants its media back.

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This Is How A Real Galaxy Is Photographed (Video)

Last week I gave you a glimpse of how I created a faux galaxy from an otherwise crappy photo. This is how the real galaxies are photographed. The Hubble Telescope (and other imaging means) takes over 1400 stills of a single galaxy, over the course of many days. All these images are then cleaned up and processed in photoshop to make the pretty pictures you see in science textbooks. I guess even heavenly bodies aren’t immune to a little airbrushing. Video after the jump. Continue reading »

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Technical Difficulties

My sincerest apologies to everyone who tried visiting in the last 48 hours. It appears the site was compromised by malicious code that caused all kinds of undesired effects. I’ve been working diligently to get things back to normal and make some improvements in the process. Stay tuned for 2.0!


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