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Being a Knicks Fan is Like Dating Someone Ugly on the Inside

Dark Days

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends and significant others. Some of us have a history of choosing the wrong people, time after time, but being a Knicks fan these days is like eternally dating someone you know is bad for you in the long run. It could be that bad boy with the leather jacket, the skull tattoo and the motorcycle. Or maybe its the hot, high-maintenance foreign girl who dresses a bit too provocatively and takes a little longer than normal to answer your messages. We’ve all been there. And when they hurt us, we don’t always learn our lesson right away. Sometimes we come crawling back for more. In the case of Knicks fans, sometimes is more like always. Continue reading »

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Dubstep Meets Cute Kitty

Dubstep: The soundtrack to pretty much everything these days.
Cute Cat Video: The most popular video genre in internet history.

It was only a matter of time before these two joined forces. Caution: This may make your computer explode.


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The Tenth Annual No-Pants Subway Ride: 2012 Edition

So you’re done with the excessive holiday eating? What better way to strut your new-found pounds than with the annual No-Pants Subway Ride. What originally began as a 7-person prank has now evolved into an internationally observed day of silliness. More than 4,000 people took their trousers off yesterday in New York City’s subways, and thousands more reportedly joined in around the world. Improv Everywhere organizes the annual event, where the sexy strap-hangers begin their train rides all over the city and then converge onto Union Square Park for an impromptu celebration of sorts. Continue reading »

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Trigger Finger: This Is Why I Don’t Dine-In at Fast Food Joints


Dear [Insert Fast Food Venue Here],

I was considering your $5 foot-long deal today. I planned on grabbing a window seat so that I could people watch as I eat. I like to gaze out of windows in general, and with those gorgeous new 10′ panes, your venue seemed like the perfect lunch.

But you had to go and paste huge posters on your windows at seated eye-level. So that 75% of the window seats essentially become non-window seats. Why go through the trouble of designing such a modern establishment with huge windows if you’re just going to render them useless?

I understand you want to lure hungry people in with your marketing deals. That’s cool. But you can place the posters at 6′ and above, and everyone wins. No?


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Trigger Finger: Rock Climbing for Toddlers


Playgrounds and Jungle gyms have undergone drastic changes since yours truly was able to play in them without suspicious looks from concerned mothers. This particular example in Long Island City made me giggle.

This looks to me like some kind of beginner rock-climbing thing. Did the playground designers imagine kids wearing junior climbing gear, coating their hands with Johnson’s Baby Powder to give them a better grip for the trecherous feat?

Do the parents in this newly gentrified LIC neighborhood encourage their spawn to “rock climb” at the playground? Do they hope their kid will someday grow up and climb the “real” wall at the $100-a-month gym? No. The parents don’t even know about their kid’s extreme sports adventures. Whenever I’ve passed by, its just been bored kids with chatty nannies.

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Remember When You Got Your First Serious Camera? (Video)

Do you remember how you felt when you opened that box for the first time? Was it as exciting as this? =) Continue reading »

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Trigger Finger: The Twilight Zone (Update)


Trigger Finger is a series of posts dedicated to the impulsive and instinctive cell phone photography that we’ve all developed over the years. For the times when you don’t have your best camera on you, but the moment is still worth capturing.

What’s wrong with this picture? At first glance, seemingly nothing. It looks like typical shelves at a convenience store, selling all the typical convenience store stuff. Well almost all. There’s one item that doesn’t fit the picture. Can you spot it? Fist of all, let me assure you there is no photoshopping or shennanegans going on here. This picture was taken today, April 12th, 2011 at Othello Deli on 27th Street and 24th Avenue in Astoria, Queens. Notice I put extra emphasis on the date. That’s your clue. Post your answer in the comments below. The answer will be announced later today.

*UPDATE: Congratulations to all you eagle-eyed scouts. The correct answer is VHS and/or audio tapes. When I asked the store owner about them he said that they keep them in stock because apparently people are buying them. These are the same people who still own beepers and fax machines. Hey, 1995 called. It wants its media back.

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Off Topic Tuesday: No Dogs Were Harmed In The Making Of This Post

There is a new craze sweeping the nation. Teenagers everywhere are ditching their skateboards and roller skates. They’re hitting the half-pipes with their pooches and yelling “Cowabunga!”. Who wants to go Dogboarding?

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

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Trigger Finger: Peep Holes

Trigger Finger is a series of posts dedicated to the impulsive and instinctive cell phone photography that we’ve all developed over the years. For the times when you don’t have your best camera on you, but the moment is still worth capturing.

There’s a new construction site in town. Typically, large scale construction and renovation projects are shielded from the public with large, blue plywood barriers. Sometimes, the contractors will cut crude holes in the plywood to give pedestrians a glimpse into the building progress. This is not quite the case here. Continue reading »

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100 Strangers: Medet Fidan

As I plug along on my 100 strangers project, I’d like to share with you a chance encounter I had with a very nice guy.

I was in Long Island City. I had just dropped off my car at the mechanic and I was walking towards the bus stop. I had my camera out because I just snapped a few photos of a 1919 Ford Model T outside my mechanic’s shop. A cab driver who was preparing to start his afternoon shift notice me and the chunky dSLR as he was getting in his cab. He shouted over to me with a smile, “Take a picture” and so I did. I asked his name. “Medet Fidan”, he replied, and shook my hand with a welcoming firm grip and a warm smile. When I gave him mine, he wondered what kind of name I had. I told him I was Greek, and so he squeezed my hand a little harder, and said with a sinister smile, “ohhh! I’m Turkish! We’re enemies!” Continue reading »

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