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I Bought My First Cell Phone To Impress A Girl, And Then She Made Me Kill It

This story was originally written in the comments section for the mobile phone blog Droid Life. They held a contest for a protective case giveaway and asked readers about their first cell phone. I thought about mine and then the memories started coming back.

It was 1999 and I was a sophomore in college. The majority of the kids my age still had beepers back then, but a select few had taken the plunge into mobile telephony. Some were drug dealers with the original Motorola flip phones. They weren’t quite Zack Morris bulky, but they still had some heft. Storing them in one’s jeans pocket was easy however, as we all wore baggy pants back then. Others had candybar Nokias that were just as large and heavy. A female friend who I had a crush on had just bought a mobile phone. It was also a Nokia, but it was the smallest model to date. (Back then, before even color LCD screens were introduced, chic was having the smallest phone. Think Zoolander) Being an electronics geek, I was instantly curious and jealous at the same time. And then another friend got a cell phone. My buddy Mike had bought the first Motorola StarTAC. It was the slimmest, smallest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. After playing with his phone for five minutes, I was instantly infatuated. Continue reading »

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One Hundred: Henri Cartier-Bresson [Video]

This marks the one hundredth post on the blog. It could have just been filler fluff, but I’ll point you to a very well known short that was made in the early 70’s. It features Street Photography pioneer, Henri Cartier-Bresson as he talks about his experiences behind the camera and around the world. Continue reading »

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Reflections Of New York

Son of Swedish immigrants, Frank Oscar Larson, was born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1896. After serving in World War I, he began working at a bank in Manhattan and in his spare time, took pictures with his Rolleiflex camera. It wasn’t until the late 40’s and early 50’s that Larson began to shoot more frequently. He developed prints in his own darkroom and occasionally entered photo competitions. In 1964 Larson passed away, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the negatives of his late work was discovered by his son’s widow. Check out Reflections of New York for a look at a simpler time in the Big Apple. For you Astoria locals,  see if you can spot the shots in our neighborhood.

[The Perfect Exposure Gallery]

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Flickr Photostream Friday: Twig_is_the_Future

New York is best seen through the eyes of a young person. This is the conclusion I’ve come to after going through Bryan (a.k.a. Twig_is_the_Future)’s photostream. Stimulating saturated colors, unique perspectives and epic moments are found in everyday living. If this youthful enthusiasm and zest for life could be captured in a bottle and sold at the drug store, I’d be the first one in line to get my fix. Bryan reminds me a lot of myself as a teenager fascinated with the mysteries of the New York underground. This is why I am most drawn to his images. There is an emotional connection for me, and that’s 50% of what makes a great photo. Continue reading »

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Has Technology Killed Highly Consumed Art? Part 2 of 2: Music

Technology has brought tremendous advancements in the production of art and media throughout the years, but the most hyperbolic changes have taken place in the last ten. I want to share with you,  my personal views and experiences in the realms of photography, music and motion pictures. In this segment, I’ll discuss music.

I can make the same correlation with music. Before streaming and cloud-based audio, there were mp3’s. Before mp3’s there were CD’s. Before those we had cassettes, and before cassettes there was 8-track, and vinyl. And before vinyl, we had to listen to music live, as it was being made by the artists themselves. From the consumer’s perspective, the technological progress in the music industry has done two things: 1) The navigating, acquiring and listening to a collection of music has become ridiculously efficient. 2) The physical space needed to store one’s music collection  has been reduced from X to 0. Where X is a basement full of records, X/2 is a bookcase of cassettes, X/3 is a drawer full of CD’s, X/1000 is an iPod and X/infinity is the cloud. Oh, and 5X would be the concert hall. This is all great for business as the consumer’s level of convenience keeps escalating with each advancement, but what has it done to the music, or more importantly, our perception of it? And what has it done to the hopes and dreams of ambitious young musicians who thought they’d be the next Big Thing? Continue reading »

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Has Technology Killed Highly Consumed Art? Part 1 of 2: Photography

Technology has brought tremendous advancements in the production of art and media throughout the years, but the most hyperbolic changes have taken place in the last ten. I want to share with you,  my personal views and experiences in the realms of photography, music and motion pictures. In this segment, I’ll discuss picture taking.

There are many photography purists out there that look upon the digital revolution with contempt. They argue that film produced better pictures with more “soul” and other silly metaphors. They are mostly people in their 40s and above who become increasingly resistant to change. They are also angry that the same photographic process that took them a week can now be done in a day. Bah humbug! Photoshop? Lightroom? Aperture? They don’t want to learn all this new software. They just want to sit in the darkroom all day while sipping on grasshoppers and listening to Bing Crosby. While its wrong to simply dismiss digital photography altogether because it’s soul-less or whatever, there is something to be said about the aesthetic and sentimental quality of the photograph from the days of film. Continue reading »

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Flickr PhotoStream Friday: gfidias

Mr. George Fidias is a native of Grevena, Greece. Grevena is a small town and municipality in the northwest section of Greece surrounded by mountains. It has roughly 15,000 inhabitants and as you might imagine, a very small town feel. George has been a Flickr contact for some time, and I came across his ‘stream again only recently after some months. I often like to look through photos of the land I was born in. My birthplace Kozani and my parents’ home town Kastoria are only minutes away from Grevena so the scenery and feel are familiar to me. This is one reason I am always drawn to George’s photos. I’m also completely enthralled by his use of vivid color, breath-taking landscapes and unique perspective on an area that is likely seldom photographed with such expertise. George’s pictures are the sirens of ethereal beauty, conveying smell, temperature, and humidity through zeros and ones. Continue reading »

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Analog (2001)

I was cleaning house today and I came across a dusty home made DVD. A quick video conversion and upload to youtube and, ACTION! This was my first short film made way back in 2001. I wanted to illustrate that emotion and tone is always absent when two people communicate via the internet. The Stage: Instant Messaging. The script was a printout of a conversation I had with an ex-girlfriend. I thought the juicy dialogue would be a good juxtaposition for the dry. mechanical delivery the actors gave. The sound is crap and so is most of the rest of the production and editing, but this one will always be in my heart as my first stab. To me, its one of those “its so bad its good” feelings. Continue reading »

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Hot Town, Summer in the City

What I should have added to this list, was how much I loathe New York City summers. I’ve grown increasingly irritable come July-August in recent years. Let’s examine why. Continue reading »

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Sorry I Missed Your Call

Or am I? The past couple of weeks I’ve been sans cell phone. I’ll be restoring my service in a couple of days so today I’m reflecting on what it means to not have a cell phone.

Photobucket Continue reading »

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