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9/11 10th Anniversary Memorial Parade

On Saturday, September 10th New York City held its 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial Parade on 5th Avenue, as well as some parts of Broadway. His majesty, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in attendance, as well as some other big-wigs. Check out the gallery of photos below. Continue reading »

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Fashion Week Man-Stuff Preview: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Convertible

Just in case you forget who puts all this Fashion Week hoopla together, Mercedes-Benz kindly reminds you as soon as you enter the lobby with this stunning SLS AMG Convertible. This panty-dropping beast features Mercedes’ 6.3 liter engine which produces a disgusting 518hp and 465ft-lbs of torque. Mercedes claims this is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine to date. But with looks like this, do you really care? Do you really need the 5.5 liter Turbo, or [God forbid] the 6.0 liter V12 bi-turbo? Well, depending on how short/fat/bald/old/Alpha/small-penis you are, you may want to consider the latter, with a tarmac-defacing 604hp/738lb-ft. Continue reading »

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Fashion Week: JSong Way

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us and we’re kicking off the festivities with some images from yesterday’s action.

Way Zen started her JSong Way line over twenty years ago. She took a trip to the orient and quickly fell in love with the rich embroidery artisans were producing. Zen has since been producing rich, hand-crafted articles that drape a woman’s body very elegantly. JSong Way focuses on details. By using unique craft patters that eliminate visible seams when working with textures, an aesthetic balance is achieved in every individual design. Gallery after the break: Continue reading »

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An Empty Highway In New York City

It’s kind of a rare sight to see the a New York City expressway completely devoid of traffic. It’s almost eerie in fact. You’d expect this scene in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie like I Am Legend or Escape From New York, but to see it with you own eyes is something else. This was the scene a couple of weeks ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the I-278 (better known to us New Yorkers as the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). Normally, around rush hour, this northbound section is one of the most congested in the whole city. So what scared all the cars away? Continue reading »

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Delicious Indian, Right Next Door

A big part of being a good host/tour guide in the Big Apple involves introducing out-of-towners to some good food. New York has every cuisine under the sun, and we do most (if not all) of them well. When my mother came to visit last month from Greece, I felt it was my Gotham duty to take her to as many exotic eateries as possible. We were tackling Asian culinary arts during week two, so we had to check out Seva in Astoria for some of the best Indian food in the outer boroughs. Continue reading »

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Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and delicious 4th of July!

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LIC’s New Z Hotel Threatens To Become New Premier Boutique Hotel In Queens

One of the quickest routes to Brooklyn from Long Island City is the Pulaski bridge that runs from 11th street beginning at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge. I’ve often taken this road in my day-to-day business during the last few years, noticing the construction of a slender building clad in glass and dark colors. I assumed it would be commercial space at first, but as it began to take shape, I realized it would be the second boutique hotel in an otherwise industrial section of Long Island City.

Following in the archetypal footsteps of the smaller and less opulent Ravel Hotel just a couple blocks west, The Z aims to bring high end clientele to Long Island City, with an attractive, modern design, a long list of amenities and everyone’s favorite part, the rooftop bar/lounge and dining area. At the moment, the Z’s location would seem somewhat odd, being surrounded by many older 1 and 2 story structures, but that will all change in the next few years as development and revitalization of Long Island City continues to swell with sophistication. The Z’s developers had the foresight to set the tone early. Continue reading »

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Can You Please Silence Your Shutter?

My friend John Schuk recently invited me to come see a small play he was performing in. I went to see his Sketches of A Man in a small theater in Brooklyn on Friday. My friend Alex and I were lucky enough to procure front row seats for the event, which meant I had a great perspective for photos. The play consisted of a series of monologues by several different men facing a great tragedy in their lives. The tone was very serious and even downright creepy at times, so aside from the occasional giggle from comic relief and the soft hum of a ceiling fan, the whole crowd was dead silent for the better part of 90 minutes. I knew my D700’s shutter would be heard even in the cheap seats. I didn’t want to excessively distract the actors, nor the audience who was deeply immersed in every spoken word. So I limited myself to two shot attempts per performer. I was pleased with the results as I was lucky to have captured some key moments in each performance. Continue reading »

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Reflections Of New York

Son of Swedish immigrants, Frank Oscar Larson, was born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1896. After serving in World War I, he began working at a bank in Manhattan and in his spare time, took pictures with his Rolleiflex camera. It wasn’t until the late 40’s and early 50’s that Larson began to shoot more frequently. He developed prints in his own darkroom and occasionally entered photo competitions. In 1964 Larson passed away, but it wasn’t until 2009 that the negatives of his late work was discovered by his son’s widow. Check out Reflections of New York for a look at a simpler time in the Big Apple. For you Astoria locals,  see if you can spot the shots in our neighborhood.

[The Perfect Exposure Gallery]

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Moby’s Destroyed: When Musicians Become Photographers


Part of my ever-evolving mission here on the blog is to explore the many unorthodox paths people take on the road to becoming “photographers”. I’ve just use quotes for photographers, but I don’t necessary mean it in a condescending way just yet. The term Photographer is growing more ambiguous each day, and that is a conversation for another day, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll just accept the definition as “Person who takes pictures”.

People who take pictures come from all vocations, cultures and walks of life. Some had intended to do so very early on, making photography their ultimate goal and life’s work, while others stumbled upon photography later in life as a hobby to supplement their careers as doctors, lawyers, farmers, janitors, police officers, and the hundreds of other positions that are completely unrelated to capturing images. Continue reading »

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