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Trigger Finger: This Is Why I Don’t Dine-In at Fast Food Joints


Dear [Insert Fast Food Venue Here],

I was considering your $5 foot-long deal today. I planned on grabbing a window seat so that I could people watch as I eat. I like to gaze out of windows in general, and with those gorgeous new 10′ panes, your venue seemed like the perfect lunch.

But you had to go and paste huge posters on your windows at seated eye-level. So that 75% of the window seats essentially become non-window seats. Why go through the trouble of designing such a modern establishment with huge windows if you’re just going to render them useless?

I understand you want to lure hungry people in with your marketing deals. That’s cool. But you can place the posters at 6′ and above, and everyone wins. No?


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Delicious Indian, Right Next Door

A big part of being a good host/tour guide in the Big Apple involves introducing out-of-towners to some good food. New York has every cuisine under the sun, and we do most (if not all) of them well. When my mother came to visit last month from Greece, I felt it was my Gotham duty to take her to as many exotic eateries as possible. We were tackling Asian culinary arts during week two, so we had to check out Seva in Astoria for some of the best Indian food in the outer boroughs. Continue reading »

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