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I Bought My First Cell Phone To Impress A Girl, And Then She Made Me Kill It

This story was originally written in the comments section for the mobile phone blog Droid Life. They held a contest for a protective case giveaway and asked readers about their first cell phone. I thought about mine and then the memories started coming back.

It was 1999 and I was a sophomore in college. The majority of the kids my age still had beepers back then, but a select few had taken the plunge into mobile telephony. Some were drug dealers with the original Motorola flip phones. They weren’t quite Zack Morris bulky, but they still had some heft. Storing them in one’s jeans pocket was easy however, as we all wore baggy pants back then. Others had candybar Nokias that were just as large and heavy. A female friend who I had a crush on had just bought a mobile phone. It was also a Nokia, but it was the smallest model to date. (Back then, before even color LCD screens were introduced, chic was having the smallest phone. Think Zoolander) Being an electronics geek, I was instantly curious and jealous at the same time. And then another friend got a cell phone. My buddy Mike had bought the first Motorola StarTAC. It was the slimmest, smallest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. After playing with his phone for five minutes, I was instantly infatuated. Continue reading »

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Off-Topic Tuesday: The Evolution of Tablets, According to Motorola

You gotta hand it to Motorola. They’re an outfit that has bounced back from dire circumstances over and over again. They have had long stretches of success, and periods of just horrible products, but since they scored big with the original Motorola Droid last November, the company has been setting its sights on complete mobile device domination. They’ve been able to do so with aggressive marketing campaigns like the one seen here that elevate their products to epic proportions. This teaser for Motorola’s upcoming Everest Tablet literally has it sitting on a pedestal. Of course we all remember the first Droid Teaser, which caused the biggest anti-iPhone uproar to date. Or how about this follow-up, which basically said “The iPhone is for girls, you ain’t a girl, are you?” Well, they’re doing it again, while blatantly targeting the iPad and even the innocent, recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Essential Android Apps

Whether you’re new to Android, or you’re a G1 veteran, there are probably a few core apps that everyone needs. Something that plays music, something that sends messages, something that farts, etc. But there are so many to choose. Fear not young grasshoppers! Thanassi has you covered with the best of the best (in my humble opinion).
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9 Things My Dumb-phone DOES that my Smart-Phone DON’T… and vice versa

Dare vs Droid

So I admit it. I’ve had iPhone envy for the last couple years. Its slick, its sexy, its on the best network, wait… what? Oh that’s right, AT&T sucks. No wonder I never bought one. Being a Verizon Customer all these years has been a mixed blessing. Great service and constant connection anywhere I go, but higher prices and bland, boring phones. Enter the Motorola Droid, a capable, sexy iPhone competitor with a list of goodies long enough to make me forget I ever wanted an iPhone, but forget my LG Dare? That’s another story.
My Previous phone was dumb. But even though I hated the resistive touchscreen, the occasional lag and the mind numbing Verizon interface, it still did a couple neat things that I can’t get my shiny new, Android 2.0 sporting smart-phone to do. Some I miss because they were unique features to the Dare, some should just be standard procedure. If I’ve listed any of these in error, forgive me, but I haven’t found a solution to these issues yet. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Continue reading »

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On Location: Beach Chairs at Night

Originally uploaded by Thanassi Karageorgiou

Turning twenty nine wasn’t all that spectacular. It was a sticky hot Tuesday night in the big Apple and Mike and I decided the best way to celebrate the year before thirty was quietly. with three Heineken keg cans (two for me), a couple of beach chairs and some lighting equipment. Mike was kinda surprised that I had four tripods in my trunk. I told him there’s another one under the hood. Heeyyy- ohhhhh!


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Sorry I Missed Your Call

Or am I? The past couple of weeks I’ve been sans cell phone. I’ll be restoring my service in a couple of days so today I’m reflecting on what it means to not have a cell phone.

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